Wicked Saints (a.k.a. The Oxymorons of Rock)

Raw organic music with NO artificial sweeteners. It’s GOOD for you!

“Our slogan isn’t completely true,” says Wicked Saints lead singer Paul McCarty. "Some is slightly toxic.” Wicked Saints' music is a cool eclectic mix of styles – from folk-rock, americana, swampy Louisiana grooves to reggae styled pop/blues, a driving beat, or sweet and heartfelt.

Our second album, Don’t Kill The Blackbird came out in late 2013. It was co-produced by Paul McCarty and Brad Swanson at Brad's studio, Swansound Recording in Woodland Hills, CA (which has neither woodlands nor hills but is otherwise quite nice.)

Paul McCarty on acoustic guitar, lead vocals and harmonica; John Gannon on backing vocals, drums and cajon; Chad on bass, mandolin and trombone; Phil on accordion, piano and banjo; and when playing live we'll often feature performers, Graham Chapman on bass, co-writer, Marina Gutman on vocals, and singers, Justine Willis and Luanne Behm.

The album also has guest appearances by guitarist Peter DiStefano (Porno for Pyros, Lance Herbstrong), Abby Posner (Fiddle & Pine) and Ken Leiboff on banjo, some percussion, backing vocals and drums by producer Brad Swanson, singers Michael Ann, Melody Guy, Jordi Faria, and Justine Willis among others.

the core players...
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Paul McCarty sings lead, and plays guitar and harmonica. He was raised in a musical family in the musical city of New Orleans, and was a music composition major at Loyola University of New Orleans with a background in indie film scoring. He currently holds the record for most mentions of music in his bio.

Although folk-influenced, his songs seek stranger directions melodically, harmonically and lyrically, sometimes drawing upon his childhood influences like Neil Young, Gordon Lightfoot and Led Zeppelin, and sometimes resorting to some college-knowledge. “I almost always start with a groove and a melody and then fit words into the melody. Each individual song might have it’s own message. For example, Todd Palin should leave his wife, or Paul will never have a successful relationship, or Be kind to blackbirds.”

Paul is currently writing and performing with Marina Gutman. Their duo, Non Duo (non-duo.com,) is recording their first album right now.

John Gannon, Wicked Saints' drummer, has dubbed himself the most oxymoronic Wicked Saint. We all assume that's correct because it sounds about right. Beyond that, however, he gives the band a real range of character, throwing in great harmony vocals, and cool grooves with a light touch, a train-beat, or even a strong Bonhamesque beat.

But hand him a guitar and he’ll tell you a story of his own. Honed from years of campfire singing, John brings a lot of charm and great energy to the microphone and holds your attention. John’s narratives might leave you laughing or bring a tear to a glass eye.

Check out his songs here. youtube.com/yuppiecampfire.

Chad Watson plays bass, mandolin, guitar and even trombone, and currently qualifies as the most saintly and least wicked member of the Wicked Saints.

“Holding Down the Fort” has been the longest running passion of Chad’s life. Since the Beatles first came to America, he’s been in love with the electric bass. “My dad played upright bass clean through my childhood years. I’ve always felt close to that low-end rumbling, whether it was in our living room as dad practiced or on the various records we played on our stereo hi-fi with the bass turned all the way up!”

Chad has a rich career, having played with Janis Ian, Freddy Fender, Charlie Rich, The Imperials, Kim Fowley, Little Feat, Delaney Bramlett, Hal Blaine, John Molo, The Seeds, David Arkenstone, Truth, Bijan Mortazavic, Alber Lee, Chris Spedding, Eric Gale, Adrian Belew, Thad Jones, Carnagie Hall, Budokan, and The Kennedy Center with the Windham Hill Solstice Tours. Chad is also an amazing guitarist and mandolin player and plays solo or with his wife Pam Loe. Check out his music at chadwatson.us.

Phil Parlapiano plays accordion, piano & banjo with Wicked Saints, as well as many other acts. He even recently toured with Iron Butterfly. Listen to his music here. parlapiano.com

Graham Chapman joins us on bass. Singers, Justine Willis and Luanne Behm perform live with Wicked Saints, and Paul's co-writer, Marina Gutman often performs live with us.

and playing on Wicked Saints first two albums...
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Robert Thomas on accordion, piano and keyboards. Bobby graduated from Dick Grove School of music in composing and arranging.

Brent Michelle singing harmony vocals. You can follow her at brentmichelle.com.

David Vidal played slide guitar on both Wicked Saints' albums. Find his music at davidvidal.net.


Our debut CD was partly produced, recorded and mixed by Annie Miles at Studio MRM formerly known as Milestone Recording & Post in Los Angeles (Walkin' On The Water, The Way I'm Strung, Nothing To See, Died Along The Way & Mama), and the rest recorded at David Vidal's studio, Wilmac Studio by Max Vidal, and mixed by David Williams at Melrose Music Studios, who also mastered both albums.